12 Volts for IF Buffer Amplifier

I was emailed by Russ, K8AH, with a question about where is best to extract 12 Volts to power his first IF buffer amplifier. Here's what he has to say:

On Wed, 4 Mar 2015 20:37:59 -0500, Russ McIntyre wrote:

Hi Nick,
Before I start hacking around in my brand new TS-480 I thought you might know the best place to get 12 for the buffer amp. I am adding a panadapter and plan to use the 1st IF like many have done. I can certainly find my own 12v supply spot, but your experience might save me some time and $.
Nice website BTW.

Thanks and 73
Russ K8AH

My reply:

Hi Russ

I have not done the panadapter mod to my TS-480 so cannot really advise. However, I did find a picture of someone else's installation of the Clifton Labs buffer amp and you can clearly see where the 12v connection goes:

Photograph of buffer amplifier installation is here.

I hope that helps you.

Best Wishes,

Nick, EA7/G4GCP

N.B. The above photograph is taken from the Yahoo TS-480 group and was accompanied by this text: Clifton Labs buffer amplifier - unity gain. Keep the input coax as short as possible. By dsiminiuk TS-480
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