Kenwood RC-480 KIT

Until it was brought to my attantion by Tom ZS1AFS I was unaware that Kenwood made available a kit comprising the control head only for the TS-480. Tom has aquired one to cure a fault on one of his TS-480s, details here.

RC-480 KIT is not listed on the Kenwood website or in the options list in the user manual, but it is available to buy. Here is how it appears on ham radio retailers sites in the USA:


Detailed Product Description

RC-480 KIT is an extra Control Head for TS-480 (Head Only)

This includes the face plate, otherwise known as the control head, cable, mount and hardware with screws included.

This is a great option for those using the RemoteRig product for the Remote side of a Remote Control club station. Or as a spare replacement head.

Microphone is NOT included.

It does not seem to be currently available in the UK, however it is listed by several retailers in the USA and two Germany.

In the USA Ham Radio Outlet have it listed, as do Associated Radio, VKComms and GigaParts, who also list it on Amazon. Whilst the going price seems to be about US$300, at the time of writing (July 2013) the first two on the list are offering substantial discounts.

In Germany it is listed by Difona Communication and HD Electronik.

If ordering from the USA, bear in mind the taxes and charges for importing from outside the European Union, as previously noted in my TXCO purchase notes.

The prices quoted by the German suppliers include German VAT at 19%, so should be subject to no further charge upon delivery in the E.U.


If you come across any other suppliers of RC-480 KIT, please email me.
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