CW Transmission

I was emailed by Walt, N7DDO, with a query about how CW is generated by the TS-480s. Here's what he has to say:

On 22 Apr 2014 16:27, Walter Babb wrote:

Good Evening Nick,

I have a question re above. I have a 480 SAT and was checking frequencies using CW Mode. It was consistently off several hundred hz. After further fiddling I concluded that CW mode is not a carrier that is switched on and off but lower sideband with the offset being the tone used. Am I correct?


Walter (Walt) Babb N7DDO

My final reply was as follows:

Hi Walt

No, it is 'true' CW. The carrier is inserted and keyed. Think of the 'offset' as when, having netted onto frequency, you then tune the BFO to give a 800Hz tone in your 'phones. That's all it is, but with the 'netting and tuning the BFO' taken out of the sequence. On the TS480 you net by tuning the received signal to give 800Hz, the same frequency as your sidetone, which you can use as a reference when tuning, although the 480 will do that for you by pressing the 'CW Tune' button.

If you do not like 800Hz, you can change it in Menu #34.

Hope that helps.


Nick, EA7/G4GCP

The way the TS-480 generates the necessary carrier wave in CW/FM mode is by making the balanced modulator lose balance.
It is also worth remembering that regardless of mode, the display always shows the actual carrier frequency.

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