Fault Report

I was emailed by Tom, ZS1AFS, with a report of a fault on one of his TS-480s. Here's what he has to say:

On 17/07/2013 12:57, Tom Morgan wrote:

Hi Nick

Iím in South Africa, so Iím often on the Net looking at TS-480 articles. Iíve got a SAT rig and a HX rig. The HX does full output from 18MHz upwards.

Unfortunately I need to let operators know of a fault that developed after less than 3 years operating.
The multi control keeps dropping frequency, even when turning to go up the band! Similarly, all of the Ďmulti control functionsí are unpredictable.

The reason for telling you is the local supplier has not responded after being contacted twice.
My UK supplier for the SAT checked with their service department, only to find, officially, no one has heard of it before. And Kenwood in UK pointed me to suppliers. Apparently, the UK Kenwood contact did not know about the RC-480 kit that is the only replacement for the control head. The UK lot suggested making a new head from parts but did say it would be expensive.

The RC-480 kit enables the operator to only have to move the main unit from any installation. This makes going mobile a lot easier.


I was intrigued to learn about the RC-480 KIT, so I did some research, the results of which you can see here.

I subsequently had an update from Tom:

On 27/08/2013, Tom Morgan wrote:

Hi Nick

I've had my TS-480 SAT with the optocoupler fault running. Until yesterday I didn't use the knob. Been on 12m yesterday and today. Whilst skimming the band I tried the knob from instinct and - it worked OK. So I now have a spare head. But it may happen again.

I suspect the software. We've had a couple of short power cuts, so maybe restarting did the trick! Not to be recommended. Do U want a photo of the head kit and cables?


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